When buying a property, there are national web sites which give an assessment of possible hazards in the locality.

With my local knowledge and history of working in North Wales since 1975, I can supplement these generalised searches with specific information for a nominal fee.

I can respond to enquiries within 24 hours and plans can be emailed as a .pdf.

Coal Mining

The Law Society requires solicitors to carry out mining searches in areas where coal mining is known to have taken place in the past.

The Coal Authority report which is issued to solicitors and householders is a CON29M Report and contains sufficient information for hazards to be identified.

Even though copies of all my reports have been sent to the Coal Authority since 1975, on some sites there will be additional detail I can supply to supplement the Coal Authority report.

Metalliferous Mining

Solicitors with local knowledge may ask the County Records Office for details of past metal mining activity.
Records Office replies will be based on their key maps which on a grid 40m square show where they have plans of abandoned mines. It is not a search of geological information, and there is no centre for the deposition of past mining investigations.
For sites in metalliferous areas I can usually provide substantial detail on the past mining activity and possible hazards. Given the very localised nature of metal mining hazards, a plan showing the property is essential.


I can turn round a Local Mining Proximity Report with 24 hours of receipt of an emailed plan in .pdf format.

In coalfield areas, the Coal Authority report is required and this will contain a plan showing the site location. For metal mining areas, the Land Registry plan is usually sufficient, and a postcode is helpful.

The report will be in a single page letter format.